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Beyond Beauty Owner

Team Lead

Karla James

Literally born into the industry, Karla started her journey at 12 years old, training in her mother’s salon.

Eventually moving to Edmonton to further advance her career, Karla worked with different mentors over her 20 years of experience, which provided her with guidance and insight into how she mentors her own team today. 

Karla has three children and a husband of 20 years and has learned to manage both a family and a business. She strongly believes in giving back to her community and runs many events that donate to different local not-for-profits.

Having so much love and respect for the industry, Karla believes in growing and changing with the industry and encourages her staff to be unique and stand out.

As her business and team grow, Karla remains connected to the many unique relationships that have developed over the years between clients, staff and other artists.

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