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Shoulder Massage

Massage Therapy

Relaxation, Therapeutic, Lymphatic, Pre-natal,

Aroma Detox & Hot Stone Massage Services Available.

*Pricing dependant on service provider and time frame. Please inquire or book online for more information.

*RMT Direct billing available.  **Some exceptions apply.

Deep Tissue

Is an intensive form of massage that aims to address the cause of pain and dysfunction. Through a combination of soft tissue techniques and stretching to relieve pain or soreness, improve joint movement and assist the body's natural healing process.

60 Minute  ∼  90 Minute   120 Minute

Prenatal Massage

A safe and healthy way to reduce stress and relieve muscle distress during pregnancy. Can reduce insomnia, relieve sciatica and leg cramps.

60 Minute  ∼  90 Minute   120 Minute

Hot Stone Massage

Is a deeply relaxing and therapeutic treatment, which uses heated, smooth stones placed on key points of the body. With the right combination of heat, oil and an experienced therapist, the treatment is deeply healing.

60 Minute  ∼  90 Minute   120 Minute

Lymphatic Massage

Is a very gentle skin massage, it is normally performed with just enough pressure to move the skin and to stimulate the lymphatic system. This type of massage is very beneficial to clients who suffer from lymphedema, and post-operative edema (swelling).

60 Minute  ∼  90 Minute   120 Minute

Aroma Detox

Seven therapeutic essential oils and three oil blends are dropped like rain through the client's energetic field along the spine in a certain order along with massage and heat to assist in their absorption. The raindrop effect helps to clear and release blockages in the chakra system. There can be a detoxification period after the treatment which will vary with each person.

60 Minute  ∼  90 Minute   120 Minute

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